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In the days of the Old West, when you needed someone
to "handle things" for you, you wanted a "professional"
who knew what he was doing.

Today, in modern America, you still want a professional handling your business.  You need someone with the knowledge and the experience to get the job done right.  And you want someone who will shoot straight with you, being sure you get the very best value for the money you spend.

When it comes to the Web, it's tough to find a person with the right combination of skills and background to be successful at marketing a product or service online.

Many people are making websites these days. Some are graphic artists who know little about the Internet and computers.  Others are qualified computer programmers, but they have no aesthetic sense.  Few have any advertising or business background at all.  And the big ad agencies who might have the combined talent necessary to create and promote an online business don't even want to talk with you unless you're a really big company -- otherwise, it does not involve enough money to interest them.  Small business people are left feeling confused about the Web and disappointed in the results they get from trying to use it for marketing.

But the Internet is not some mystical, metaphysical land where people go to trade and buy things. It is simply another medium of communication that is being used for advertising, just like radio, television, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, and the telephone. The Web presents some real opportunities for promotion and sales like no other media, however, and you don't have to be rich or a large corporate entity to participate.

The types of websites we specialize in are interactive, content-driven, and custom-designed sites that allow customers or prospects to find exactly the information they want, then motivate them to buy immediately online or call to discuss the purchase with a company sales representative.

We ask: "What are your customers' problems that you provide great solutions for?" and
"How can we show that your company's solutions are the best ones for your customers?"

Your needs are carefully analyzed before we make any recommendations on a website for you. We can provide you with anything from simple, to large and complex, built to your specifications.
Typical types of applications for the types of websites we create include:

  Online Brochure -- Shows information about your company and its services.
  Online Catalog -- Displays your products, and optionally, takes orders online.
    Can be designed to be webmaster-maintained for product lines that seldom will
    change, or so you can edit products and prices and maintain the site yourself.
  Brand Promotion -- Provides information about your products to promote your
    brand name, and encourages feedback from your customers. A database can be
    used to archive facts, instructions, technical questions and answers, and other
    essential data about about your products your customers might need to know
    and want to access directly online. Can be good, inexpensive public relations.
  Communications Tool -- Combines the features of all of the above to provide a
    way for you to sell, inform, and communicate internally and externally in your
    company. As a Customer Relations Management system, your website can be
    a way for your sales staff and support personnel to track and interact with your
    prospects and customers to maximize sales and efficiency of operations.

Examples of:  Client Websites    Graphic Design & Logos    Digital Photography & Retouching

I started USA Web Advertising because I realized I have the specialized skills, knowledge, and experience that fit the needs of small businesses who want to promote themselves on the Web. I was trained in graphic design and worked for a couple of ad agencies after I moved to Phoenix from Colorado. I extended my education into advertising and marketing and opened my own ad agency in 1975.  I became fascinated by personal computers in 1987, and I began writing and selling database applications and game software, while continuing with advertising. The Internet got my attention in 1997 and I have studied it ever since, learning the tricks and techniques for maximizing visitor traffic and facilitating e-commerce. 

My background and qualifications are fairly unique, and working with individual entrepreneurs and small companies is an enjoyable challenge to me. With my associates, whose abilities complement my own, you have a team of highly qualified advertising experts ready to put together a winning website for you.

Call today to have us analyze your business and formulate a custom ad plan that meets both your sales objectives and your budgetary restraints, too!

I will personally see that you are satisfied with our services.

Tyger Gilbert, President
USA Web Advertising

Get us started on your website design now!
602-997-0088 or toll tree: 888-678-9437 outside metro Phoenix.

See examples of websites we developed for our clients, along with our graphics and photography samples:

Client Websites    Graphic Design & Logos    Digital Photography & Retouching



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