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Directories websites are meant to be used as resource to help you plan for a vacation or other travel in a particular city or state, to provide guidance and information when you want to move within or relocate to that city or state, to assist you in finding new places for recreation, shopping, entertainment, and other pursuits of leisure, and to inspire you with all the natural beauty of the chosen area in general.  
Many public sources of data and information were utilized in compiling the numerous directories that are contained in each website, and while every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that everything presented is accurate, typographical errors and other mistakes do occur, and, since circumstances in any community are constantly changing, the information itself is sometimes out-of-date by the time it is published.  Therefore, all information and related materials contained in our websites are provided "AS IS" and no representation or warranty whatsoever is made in regard to the information and materials being accurate, complete, current, or adequate for any purpose, or that any individual website itself will function properly or as expected or be available at any time.  

External websites to which pages on our websites are linked are not created or controlled by us, and consequently we cannot warrant the fitness, safety, accuracy, or functionality of any of these websites, their pages, their information, or the links to them. Having a link in one of our directories to an external website does not necessarily constitute or imply any ownership, affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, or any other type of arrangement or relationship between USA Web Directories, or any of its associates, affiliates, agents, representatives, or personnel, and anything found on the external website, including but not limited to any organization, product, process, service or other information. The views and opinions expressed on these external websites do not necessarily state or reflect those of USA Web Directories, and the act of linking our directories to these sites does not constitute or imply our agreement with them.

Opinions expressed by organizations or individuals who are members of any of our online website communities are strictly those of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of any of the owners, staff, agents, affiliates, associates, representatives, clients, or other personnel in any way connected to USA Web Directories. Information provided by any of these individual editors and contributors have not been confirmed or in any way authenticated by USA Web Directories, and no claim of its accuracy is made.

You are urged to personally confirm all essential information on our websites before you rely upon it to take any action.  By using our websites, you assume all risks that the information and materials provided in them may be inaccurate, incomplete, or not current, and may not meet your needs or requirements and you agree that USA Web Directories, its owners, staff, agents, affiliates, associates, representatives, contributors, and assigns are in no way responsible for any problems or injuries you may experience while using our websites.

Should you discover any information on our websites that is incorrect, we encourage you to let us know about it so we can correct it as soon as possible.  We will immediately remove any listing or link upon written request by the owner of the site to which the listing or link refers.  Despite all of the foregoing legal disclaimers, it is our objective to make every USA Web Directories local web directory the best and most complete "Online Guide" to its particular city or state on the Internet, and we welcome any suggestions you may have to improve our services.  

We thank you for your interest, and sincerely hope you enjoy your visit with us!



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