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Benefits of a Membership to California Life!

California Life provides you with a number of ways to discover and benefit from the fun and exciting lifestyle of California and enjoy the activities of this beautiful place. As a member of California Life, you can promote and advertise your local business in many different ways. You can showcase your talents as a photographer or a writer and help shape the content of the website. Most importantly, you can interact with folks and be involved in the communities of California, making new friends and establishing relationships that could be personally satisfying and even profitable for you.

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Free Business Listings -- Enter FREE Business Listings in the categories most appropriate for your business. Your Free Listings can include your company name, slogan, address, and phone numbers, a paragraph of sales text, and your logo or a photo, plus a link to your website.



Discounted Paid Advertising -- Order, schedule, and track paid ads for your business at discounted rates. Select large Display Ads and Banner Ads in several popular sizes. Choose specific category pages or run your ads on all pages across the entire site. Order NOW and you get a 50% discount off of all standard monthly or pay-per-click advertising rates.



Business Promotion -- Provide details on special offers and new products or services you'd like California Life visitors to know about. Update your business information and make changes to your offers at anytime.



Photo Gallery -- Upload your photographs here and build your own Photo Gallery. Have a main page with a picture of yourself, a description of your background and personal lifestyle, and links to your personal or business websites. Group your photographs by categories you specify, and your Category pages will show thumbnail images of your pictures, each linked to a Photo page that displays a larger sized image. Then you can show off your Photo Gallery to all your friends and family.


  Any of your photos selected by our Director of Photography to appear on the content pages of California Life will have your name on the credit line, and this will be linked to your choice of either your main Photo Gallery page or directly to your own personal or business website. When visitors to California Life see your pictures, they can click on the credit line and go to your Photo Gallery, see your photos, and visit your website. This is a great way to promote your work, and both amateur and professional photographers are welcome to use this feature.



Articles & Reviews -- You can write and post your articles and reviews about interesting places to go, fun things to do, and individuals or companies who have products or services available in California. Your stories should relate to travel and vacations in California, real estate, employment, and relocating to California, or any of the other categories of information covered by California Life. Factual feature articles, first-person stories about your experiences in California, and even commercial news-releases, if written in a third-person, news-like style, may be acceptable. This can be a great way to promote your business and your community.


  When your articles are selected by our editors to appear on one or more of the relevant category pages of California Life, your byline will link to your choice of either your Personal Profile page or directly to your own personal or business website.


  Similar to your Photo Gallery page, your Personal Profile page may optionally contain a picture and a description of yourself and your background and lifestyle, your contact information, and links to your personal or business websites. It will also have links to each of your articles that appear on California Life.



Report the News -- Whenever you find a news story on another site you think the visitors to California Life ought to know about, you can provide us with a headline and short introductory paragraph about it, along with the URL of the page where it appears on the other site, and we will put a link to that story on California Life.



California Life email newsletter -- Receive the latest news and hot tips on what's happening in California and find out about fun things to do and new places to go for travel and recreation. And you can opt-out of receiving the email newsletter at anytime.

And Coming Soon . . .



Send Email Postcards -- Select a photograph from a list of pictures our member photographers have made available to be used as email postcards and send it with your own personalized message to your friends and relatives.



Track Your Results -- View regular reports on the results of both your Free Listings and your Paid Advertising.  Find out just how many times your ads have been shown to California Life visitors and see the total number of times they have clicked through to your website.



Calendar of Events -- You can enter a description of your group or organization's event, when and where it will be held, and schedule when you want your announcement to start, and have a listing of it appear on California Life's Calendar of Events.



Free Classified Ads -- List real estate, cars, furniture, pets, and anything else of value you might want to sell. Offer your services, find a roommate, look for an apartment, and much more. All for Free!



Employment Ads -- Enter a description of your qualifications and what type of position you are wanting, with a link to your resume page, and view listings of jobs available that are posted by employers.



Comments and Reviews -- Give your opinions about articles and news stories you find on California Life, and post your own reviews of the entertainment, restaurants, resorts, and places for recreation you have experienced in California Life.



Social Networking -- Make new friends and develop a relationship with someone special.  Post a photo or description of yourself, what you enjoy doing, and other information about yourself and your lifestyle, and browse listings of others you might like to meet. Use our online email system to communicate safely and anonymously.



Private Email -- Send an email to other members or anyone else without revealing your own email address to them. You simply use an email form on California Life to enter your message and our email system sends it to them. They are provided a link to our email form to enter their reply and our system forwards it on to you.



Personalized Pages -- You can personalize your own pages with special features like weather reports, RSS news links, an appointment calendar, links to reference sites, and other custom modules.

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