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Copyrights Policy


USA WEB DIRECTORIES takes the issue of copyright infringement seriously and has created this copyrights policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting the intellectual property rights of everyone who uses the Internet. The following discloses the information posting and content oversight practices for USA Web Directories and all of the websites in the USA Web Directories Network, describes our Policy on Copyrights in detail, and provides a form for reporting a Copyrights Infringement to us.

USA Web Directories generally allows all of its website users to post stories, comments, photos, and other content very freely, while requesting each of them to adhere to the rules listed in our Writers Guidelines and Photographers Guidelines pages. Everything published is subject to the review and potential modification or rejection by the editors of the site, though this review is usually performed after the content already has been posted.  Unacceptable content is removed as soon as it is discovered, and the decisions of the editors are final and without recourse.

Copyrights to any materials posted on any of the websites in the USA Web Directories Network remains with the original author, photographer, artist, or creator of the content. By posting this content, the owner of the copyrights acknowledges and agrees to grant USA Web Directories a limited, perpetual, and non-revokable license to display and link to the materials on any website in its Network in consideration for the publicity, exposure, or website traffic, if any, provided by its publication of the materials. The individual posting the content, if not the owner of the copyrights to it, must be legally authorized to post it here, and by posting it, affirms that he or she has that authorization.

The responsibility for the posting of content, whether it is written text, photography, art or graphic design, audio recordings, or video presentations, including links to other sites on the Internet, remains with the individual who posts it originally. The review and editing of content by our editors is intended only to keep our online publications as attractive to the intended audience as possible, and to help preserve the reputation and integrity of each individual directory and the entire network at large. This process is meant to encourage contributions by creative and talented writers, photographers, and other artistic people who want to have their work published, while keeping measures in place to prevent abuse of our system by unethical or dishonest individuals. No guarantee is made that any of the sites in the network will be completely free of undesirable content at any given time.

We acknowledge that anyone who creates something is entitled to benefit from his or her efforts, and that copyrights are intended to protect their works from unauthorized uses. We also recognize that since we openly let members enter content, there is no way we can prevent the publication on our directories of copyrighted materials by people who may not officially own the rights to them. However, we can and will take appropriate measures to correct the situation whenever someone draws our attention to a copyrights problem.

Should you discover that someone has posted your content without the proper attribution or has published your copyrighted work without your authorization, and you can show us that you are the rightful owner of it, we will provide your choice of the following remedies:

A.  Add an attribution or credit line (or modify any that currenly exists) on or next to the content that shows you as its originating writer, photographer, or artist who created the content or owns the copyrights to it, with a direct link to your website if you prefer,


B.  Remove the content from the website and network entirely.

To report to us any unauthorized use of your copyrighted materials, please send us a letter by mail to the address shown below, or provide the necessary details in our online form. We will need to know exactly what content is yours, what website it appears on, and where it appears on the website. Include any information you have to demonstrate that you are the owner of the copyrights to it, what remedial action you request, and your contact email address and phone number so we can notify you of our subsequent actions.

       Send a letter to:

USA Web Directories
Box 26832
Phoenix, AZ 85068-6832

       Or, use this form to report a copyrights infringement to us by email:

Notice of Copyright Infringement:

Your Full Name:

Your Email Address:

Your Phone Number:

Description of Copyrighted Content:

Location on USA Web Directories Network (include URL of page to identify):

Content Origin and Ownership of Copyright Information:

Requested Action:
    Add or change the attribution or credit line to:
         with a link to:
    Remove the Content

Enter this confirmation code:    U  G  F  A  T  K 

We believe this procedure conforms to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to protect your rights and provides you a way to report a problem with copyrighted content so we can take the appropriate actions as required by law and our own sense of justice.

If you have any questions about this copyrights policy, the practices of this or any other website in our network, or about your dealings with this or any of the sites in our network, you can contact:

Thank you for your interest in our network of websites, and do enjoy your visit!



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