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The USA Web Directories began in 1997 when founder Tyger Gilbert created his first online directory website, Arizona Life, as a place where he could promote the local businesses in Phoenix that were his advertising clients. "If you are going to have an online store or business, do you want your front door to be out in the middle of the desert somewhere, or would you prefer it to be in the middle of a major shopping mall? Now we can put your business on our online shopping mall, Arizona Life, for immediate traffic!" he would say to his prospective web advertising clients.

This concept worked well, and soon he added Phoenix Living, Tucson Living, Flagstaff Living, and several other sites for cities around the state. Next, he started Colorado Life, California Life, Nevada Life, and sites for all the rest of the western states, and ultimately for all 50 states in the USA. In 2004, USA Web Advertising was formed to promote the sales of advertising across an entire network of more than 300 state and city directory websites.

In 2009, development was started to reposition the websites as community-based publications, with news and feature stories, event calendars, classified ads, and public discussion forums, as well as the beautiful area photographs and local business listings for which the sites had become known. The plans call for each site to be managed by an editor and publisher who will oversee the input and editing of content by local members of their community, so important events, attractions, and issues can be covered by the people who are most involved and interested in them. Local advertising on the sites is sold by the publishers, while national advertising across the entire network is handled by USA Web Advertising sales personnel. The process of finding publishers for each publication is now underway.

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